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When you have a small home, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your space. Whether it’s a cosy apartment or house, there are plenty of things you can do to maximise your space and create a comfortable, welcoming, and homely space.

If you want to make the very most of your bathroom, there are lots of neat designs you can use. Take a look at these 10 tips to create clever space-saving bathrooms designs.

1. Use an Accent Wall

Whether you use paint or a different colour or type of tile, an accent wall can create the illusion of space in your bathroom. You can add a pop of colour and build depth in the room at the same time. You can even build an accent wall into the floor, using ceramic tiles.

2. Get Ideas from Experts

Believe it or not, but writers and researchers can help you come up with great ideas. UK Top Writers, for instance, gives you access to a team of writers who have spent years researching a range of topics. If you want fresh ideas and help with research, this is one of the best ways to achieve it.

3. Dark Floors, Light Walls

Combining dark floors with light walls is another amazing way to create the illusion of depth. A small bathroom will feel larger when the walls are opened up with white paint or tiles. Your eyes will focus on the contrast, and will not be drawn to the smallest parts of the room.

4. Go Monochrome

Monochrome colour themes in your room are refreshing and modern. In fact, FreshHome.com recently discussed this topic in a blog piece, where they explained how the colour can help open up space.

5. Use Pocket Doors

A pocket door is one of the biggest space-saving features in a small bathroom. Switching from a swinging door to a pocket door allows you to install extra appliances in your bathroom, as they will no longer be getting in the way of the swinging door. To install a pocket door, however, you will require a thicker wall, into which the door can slide.

6. Use the Walls

Even if you have no room for new cabinets on the floor, you might have room on the walls. Installing shelves and cabinets onto the walls above appliances helps you save space and gives you more places to keep everything from towels to general toiletries.

7. Wall-Mounted Sinks

Using a wall-mounted sink, you will not only be saving on floor space, but you create an opportunity for new storage space. It’s easy to install cabinets beneath a wall- mounted sink, giving you more space to keep your things, and freeing up space from other parts of the bathroom.

8. Curbless Showers

A curbless shower simply uses a gradual decline in the floor as a way of directing water to the drain. This creates an illusion of a continuous floor in the bathroom – and by combining this with a glass door, you can really open the room up.

9. Glass Shower Panels

A glass shower panel opens up a room much better than a shower curtain. Unlike a curtain, panels don’t block off half of a room and create the illusion of a dead end. They also look more suitable in a modern bathroom!

10. Use Room Planning Tools

Room Sketcher is an online tool that helps you plan your home. It creates a visual map of your home and allows you to move appliances around in order to achieve the most efficient space.

If you need any more ideas for your bathroom check out Top Reveal for some more - http://topreveal.com/elegant-bathroom-ideas

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