Making Bathroom Cabinets Work For You

It may not be the first thing you think about when planning a new bathroom, but your bathroom cabinets can play a vital role in any design. 

Whether you’re going for a traditional or more minimalist style, at, we believe that you should always be able to find a place to store towels, bubble bath, extra toothpaste and all the other toiletries and bits & bobs that haven’t been used in the past year but you cannot bring yourself to throw out.

Adding furniture to your bathroom can provide all sorts of advantages, from creating a harmonised and stylish look to adding useful and efficient storage. But we are strong believers that your space should suit both your personality and your needs. Just because certain products fit into a range, doesn’t mean that is how you have to buy it. So here is our guide to making bathroom furniture work for your bathroom. 

Your space

After 15 years of supplying designer bathrooms, something we’ve come to understand is that bathrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, so it is most certainly not a case of “one size fits all”. Making the most out of your space is vital, which is where fitted bathroom furniture really comes into its own.

Florence Bathroom Furniture range can be fitted together in any combination you choose.


It allows you to choose a smaller unit for a smaller bathroom or a bigger unit for a bigger one, giving you more than enough storage no matter the size of your room. 

Your needs

If you don’t need that much storage in your bathroom, a freestanding or a wall hung unit is the best option here. It’ll give you the freedom to place it where you need it most and the flexibility to move it to a different location when you fancy a refresh.

Drift Essen Bathroom Furniture range - a clean, angular design with a contemporary, textured dark grey finish. 


Your style

When planning your bathroom style, don't forget to bring your personality into it too. The most popular way to achieve this is with the wall colour you choose or the accessories you pick, but it can also be accomplished through your choice of furniture. 

Bathroom furniture typically comes in three different styles: traditional, contemporary and modern. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t mix and match between the styles if you so wish.

So, remember when you are planning your bathroom and storage, the key things to think about are your space, your needs and your style. 


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